Survivor Empowerment

Combating Trafficking Amidst Political Turmoil

Did you know that around 75% of all human trafficking happens in the Asia Pacific Region? Meet Lisa, one of our Local Partners based in Myanmar. Lisa shares about our Local Partner’s ability to provide high-quality, trauma-informed care to trafficking survivors despite a military coup and political chaos. Ready to take action? Support our global […]

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Step Inside Our Safe Home in Eswatini

When people think about sex trafficking, they often think about rescue or physically removing someone from where they were trafficked. Our work doesn’t start and stop there. We provide holistic care to survivors, which means caring for their emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Throughout the 69 safe homes in our network, we offer a variety […]

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From Victim to Survivor Advocate

After being trafficked at the age of 12, a young woman is now free! She recently graduated with her bachelor’s degree and is an anti-trafficking advocate in her community. Priyanka* was born in a small village in Nepal. Her father died when she was young, so she and her three brothers were cared for by […]

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