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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are meeting the urgent needs of survivors in our care throughout the 20 countries we work in. Survivors and staff are safe in quarantine in 40 safe homes.

safe shelter
medical care

Our Local Partners are protecting those in our care by providing food, medical care, and safe shelter. All 40 of our safe homes are in quarantine. Here are some of the relief efforts your donation supports:



New Crisis Hotline

In Cambodia, our Local Partner introduced a new crisis hotline called ‘The Freedom Line’ for women and girls who are more vulnerable to exploitation due to conditions caused by COVID-19. Hotlines are often one of the safest and most efficient tools for callers to access emergency assistance, connect to services, and learn about available resources. They also often serve as the first point of contact for the public on human trafficking concerns. Cambodia’s hotline will be staffed by our certified social workers who will field incoming calls, perform crisis assessments, and provide appropriate intervention to keep girls safe while building a database that will contribute to the community resistance to trafficking long term.

Relief packages to vulnerable girls

In Cambodia, we’re assembling and distributing relief packages for vulnerable girls and their families (filled with hygiene supplies to avoid infection, COVID-19 safety info, and food); paying for cell phone credits for the hundreds of girls in their program so caseworkers can reach them, and providing immediate crisis intervention and relief to families at greatest risk. In just the month of April, 554 packages were distributed. Our Local Partner is busy assembling the supplies and distribution as the needs come into our hotline.


Handsoap, Sanitizer, and Face Masks

Our Local Partner has stopped producing jewelry in their vocational training program, and started producing hand soap, hand sanitizer, and face masks. They are distributing these supplies throughout neighborhoods where poverty makes social distancing nearly impossible.


Emergency Food Assistance

In Nepal, our Local Partner is providing emergency food assistance to vulnerable families. We are also working on building sustainable food sources for the future by building two chicken coops (that will hold 1200 chickens), a well as a greenhouse to grow fruits and veggies. The goal is to sustain support to families in their care after the 90-day period is over.

Prevention Efforts

Additionally, over 300 children are in their care, from kindergarten through high school. Ongoing vigilant prevention work occurs through their programs by identifying children most likely to be targeted by traffickers.


Emergency Food Assistance

Our Local Partners are providing emergency food and assistance to vulnerable families. In just the past few weeks, over 1,166 food packages have been distributed. By feeding people now, we will be better positioned to help free them from exploitation in the long term.


Outreach and Food Distribution

In Thailand, the Coronavirus has created a unique moment in the fight against human trafficking. For the first time in decades, brothels and bars shut down completely. This has left many trafficked women and their children homeless and vulnerable. We are working to reach these women, and provide them with food, hygiene items, and information on what a life outside of trafficking could look like.


Online Learning for Survivors

Our Local Partner has made online learning more accessible by providing laptops to children in our care. Originally, students would have to rotate throughout the day which meant some were falling behind in their studies. An increased number of laptops empower students to continue their education and pursue a better future despite conditions caused by COVID. Additionally, we provided five scholarships for vulnerable teens to continue their education.

Intervention and rescue

The state hospital has been greatly affected by COVID-19 and our Local Partner is strategically working to build relationships with hospital staff while the vulnerability is high. This is an important tactic in the fight against human trafficking as creating allies with the hospital workers means trafficked women have a better opportunity to receive help and escape exploitation when coming in for treatment. In addition, we are providing PPE to local hospital staff.


New Safe Home Opened

In Colombia, the new safe home we opened to help survivors impacted by COVID-19. Our brand new safe home has welcomed in 8 women and 12 children this week. We specifically opened a safe home to help those who are vulnerable because of the pandemic. This home will support survivors and their children with a safe space to quarantine, medical care, food, and educational support for children. 

Food distribution

We’ve distributed 80 food packages to vulnerable women.


Our Local Partner has stockpiled a 90-day supply of food, water, supplies, and medicine for each of the shelters. Adult survivors who chose to shelter-in-place from their families’ homes, and those who were already enrolled in community-based care, will continue to receive virtual support from our program team. Counseling and meetings with case managers will take place via mobile phones and video chat applications. As COVID reached Uganda, our Local Partner applied for and received a special pass from the government to transport individuals to and from medical facilities to receive critical care and resources needed. This dedicated team will continue providing mental health care and fun, age-appropriate programs to ensure the survivors are supported in their healing journey during this difficult crisis.


Our Local Partner has approximately 56 women who are in various parts of the rehabilitation process who have lost job security because of the lockdowns. There are government centers which are still operating and need food for essential personnel, so our Local Partner has been able to secure catering jobs for the 56 women in their care. This keeps an income for current beneficiaries and their families, as well as develops a positive relationship with the government for future partnerships.


Our Local Partner has mobilized to share and develop resources online. They have already shared the prevention education lessons that they use in Romania, and just released their program about resiliency today. These resources are easy to translate and are shared with our whole network, and will make online learning so much easier to continue the fight to prevent exploitation—something that is very much needed as many are even more vulnerable to exploitation than before.


COVID-19 has impacted us all and has made life all the more fragile for trafficking victims and people in red-light districts. During this global pandemic, we are working to protect the most vulnerable women and children and you can help when it matters most.

In the search for silver lining: Coronavirus has created a unique moment in the fight against human trafficking. For the first time in decades, it has caused brothels and bars to shut down completely. This has left many trafficked women homeless and vulnerable. We are working to reach these women, and provide them with food, hygiene items and information on what a life outside of trafficking could look like.

Photos of empty bars in Thailand.

Photos of empty bars in Thailand.

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