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This holiday season, restore hope
and make futures bright for people
who need freedom now.

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Human trafficking is a man-made problem that can be solved by people like you.

Trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise, impacting millions of people every day. We’re on a mission to change that. Through a global network of over 40 local partners across 20 countries, we fuel the rescue and restoration of men, women, and children, prevent sexual exploitation from ever happening and turn everyday people into activists. We can’t do this without you.

The end of trafficking is…

…the beginning of joy.

Women in Eswatini are discovering their self-worth and resiliency after exploitation. Across our 69 safe homes worldwide, we partner with survivors to help them thrive, not just survive their trauma.

…the beginning of dreams.

Survivors in the United States are pursuing new careers. So far this year, 1,080 people have been empowered with life-changing job skills to build independence, economic stability and achieve a different future.

…the beginning of family.

Survivors in Myanmar are leaving brothels and hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. People trapped in exploitation are often stigmatized and ignored. So far this year, 11,467 relationships have been built through our outreach programs to help individuals find pathways to freedom.

…the beginning of futures.

Children in Cambodia are learning what it means to lead. So far this year, 1,933 individuals have been empowered with life-changing academic education to combat vulnerability and prevent exploitation from ever happening.

…the beginning of community.

Survivors in Nepal are returning to their villages to help other girls like them. So far this year, 1,001 people have been set free from exploitation—many survivors becoming advocates themselves.

Be the one who makes
futures bright.

Be the one who makes futures bright. Respond to the millions of men, women, and children who need freedom now.

You can help hundreds of children step out of exploitation and into brighter futures.

In many parts of Nepal, when a girl is 12 years or older, they have two options: leave their village to find work or be forced into marriage as a child bride. In Nepal 37% of girls marry before age 18.*

Together, our Local Partner in this region runs five safe homes and a farm outside of Nepal, to create a safe place for young girls who have been sold into the sex trade.

Throughout our 69 safe homes globally, your gift creates a safe place for survivors to heal and pursue a future in freedom. These children are supported and empowered with services like:

  • Medical Support
  • Case Management
  • Vocational Skills
  • Education
  • Life Skills
  • Trauma-informed counseling
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Residential and nonresidential care
  • A place for safety, community, and belonging

Invest in bright futures and freedom:

the cycle of trafficking
stops here.

Your generosity has the power to fuel 11 essential strategies
to end trafficking for good.

Making everyday people aware of the reality of sex trafficking. Turning apathy into passion, activists into abolitionists.

Making sex trafficking illegal. Legislation in every nation that condemns sex trafficking and exploitation of human life.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Enforcing laws that already exist. Protecting victims, prosecuting perpetrators, addressing corruption, and ensuring justice.

Addressing the ways exploitation is normalized in our everyday lives. Our words and the way we see the world shapes the way we treat others.

Building resiliency and decreasing vulnerability. Addressing the forces that cause exploitation and trafficking. Forces like poverty, lack of education, and gender-based violence.

Sex trafficking is a complex issue, but knowledge moves us to a clear, effective, active response.

Sex buyers fuel the sex trade. Without buyers, there would be no business.

Individuals trapped in exploitation are often stigmatized and ignored. Outreach involves building relationships and programs to help those who have been exploited find pathways to freedom.

Rescue & Intervention
Rescue & Intervention
Helping a victim of sex trafficking escape or transition from exploitation to freedom.

Victim Services & Aftercare
Victim Services & Aftercare
Recovery, renewal, and revival of the human spirit through physical psychological, and spiritual care. Services and programs that empower victims to become survivors.

Survivor Empowerment
Survivor Empowerment
Equipping survivors to pursue their goals and achieve a different future free of exploitation.
strategic highights

Survivor Empowerment
This work includes equipping survivors to pursue their goals and achieve a different future. In the first half of this year, 1,686 men, women, and children have been empowered with education to change the trajectory of their lives. Today, some of these survivors sit alongside you as abolitionists, joining the fight in their local communities.

Demand reduction
Sex buyers fuel the illegal sex trade. Without buyers, there would be no business. With the increase of online trafficking and exploitation, one of our Local Partners in the United States created a chatbot to combat child trafficking. This artificial intelligence named Gracie has prevented more than 16,038 attempts to purchase sex in the first half of this year.

Individuals trapped in exploitation are often stigmatized and ignored. Outreach involves building relationships and programs to help those who have been exploited find pathways to freedom. More than 7,967 individuals have been reached through our outreach efforts in the first half of this year. In Myanmar, a pregnant woman bravely escaped exploitation and heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time after our Local Partner’s outreach efforts in the Red-light district.

Where we work:

Human trafficking may be complex, but what you decide to do about it is simple.

This holiday season, give a gift that changes everything.

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