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We know you want your donation to do the most good. We do too. That’s why we work hard to meet the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

“We know that every dollar given represents a sacrifice someone made to make a difference in this fight for justice. So we treat every dollar with great care, stretching it as far as it will go to make the greatest difference that it possibly can. We voluntarily work with multiple accrediting agencies, and an auditor that specializes in non-profits, because we want to continue to raise our already high standards every year. We expect all of our Partners, programs and teammates to deliver the greatest impact they can possibly generate in neighborhoods and districts most prone to exploiting the vulnerable. And we do it because of a deep commitment to earn and keep the trust of every donor.”
– Del Chittim, COO

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January – December

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Rescue:Freedom is an accredited 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.
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fiscal year

fiscal year

In 2020, Rescue:Freedom moved from a calendar year to a fiscal year accounting time period. In order to make that transition, the process required by the IRS and generally accepted accounting practices were followed which involves creating a “short year” to get the organization on it;s new fiscal year cycle. For Rescue:Freedom this “short year” started January 1 and ended June 30, 2020. This short year allowed us to start the new fiscal year on July 1, 2020, and it will end on June 30, 2021. As a result, you will see that our 2020 Audited Financials and our 2020 IRS 990 reflect only January-June, 2020. Now that this change is complete our audited statements and 990’s will all follow the new fiscal year format and will show twelve months of data from July 1, 2020 forward.

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Want to do a fundraiser?

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