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Join our community of freedom fighters that are gathering people together all over the country.

Everyone is waiting for an invitation to find meaning and purpose in their everyday life. Everyone is waiting for an invitation to make a difference. Be the person to invite them to join you in the mission to end slavery as you gather together.

Read what Kelly Welk has to say. She has raised over $60,000 over the last 6 years by inviting people to dinner.
6 years ago I was sitting in a gathering, listening to the reality of sex trafficking. I could not help myself but think about the what if’s. What if it was me? What if it were our daughters? The magnitude of the evil can force our eyes away from the reality, but thankfully that night my heart was strong enough to see that we had to do something, anything to help.

As I was driving home I had a thought, ‘What if we invite our friends for dinner and ask them to pay for their seats?’ It felt a bit crazy. Who asks their friends to pay to eat at their house? I felt bold enough to ask because if it was my daughter being trafficked I would do anything and everything to save her—so we started there, with 1 invitation to a dinner in our backyard orchard.

Join the Climb for Captives Community

Join the Climb for Captives Community