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We are fighting slavery through the most effective means possible—our Local Partners.


A Local Partner is an organization fighting sexual slavery within a specific country and context, that has joined the Rescue:Freedom family to rescue and restore more people.  They share our vision for a world without slavery and bring a unique understanding of their own cultures and their communities’ challenges.

We have 3 different types of Local Partners:


Restoration Homes

For survivors who don’t have a place to call home after they’ve been rescued, they can live in a safe environment and take part in counseling, education opportunities, and community. Here is where survivors begin their journey towards independence, healing, and hope.

Restoration Centers

For women and children who have a safe home to return to after their rescue, restoration centers offer education, vocational training, and counseling during the day. With these resources, survivors can heal, provide for themselves, and begin a new life free from slavery.

Outreach and Education

These Partners play a crucial role in preventing sexual slavery from occurring and fighting slavery on a community level. They specialize in outreach to vulnerable people, education on what trafficking looks like, and how to stop it. They engage with laws and governments to fight slavery on a legislative level.

Local Partners are the key to unlocking a life of
freedom for slavery survivors.

Take a look at what Local Partners
do each day to help survivors recover from
their trauma, and start a new free life.

Tap on each room of the house to see what our Local Partners do each day to help survivors recover from trauma, and start a new life.


By joining with Rescue:Freedom, our Local Partners impact is amplified.


Instead of standing alone, there is a global community behind them. Our community learns from one another, supports each other, and is stronger standing together. International human trafficking needs to be met with a global presence. Alone we are strong, but together we become unstoppable.

By equipping them with tools for survivors’ restoration, resources, and support, they are the hands and feet of our organization. They are involved in every aspect of our work from rescue to restoration to prevention. They work tirelessly to prevent the spread of slavery and care for those who have been harmed in its wake.


Local Partners



Got questions about Local Partners? We’ve got answers.


Why do you work with Local Partners?

Local Partners are on the ground and close to the issues in a crucial way: meeting women on the street, forming relationships with brothels, coordinating rescues with local police, and rehabilitating men, women, and children. While the fight against human trafficking is a global one, the work of rescue, restoration, and prevention has to happen in the local context. By working together, Local Partners and Rescue:Freedom become more effective agents of change in the local context and around the world.

How do we choose Local Partners?

Every Local Partner is carefully vetted: they undergo a thorough financial review, programs are evaluated for effectiveness, and key staff members are interviewed. We look for organizations that have learning in their DNA. We want to partner with people who are experts on trafficking in their country now, and working to understand how it continues to evolve.

What does Rescue:Freedom do for Local Partners?

We come alongside these organizations, listen to what their most pressing needs are, and provide solutions. These solutions can be: financial support, clinical training, organizational coaching, resources, or other means of support. Rescue:Freedom also acts as a connection point between Local Partners. Rather than being alone in the fight against slavery, organizations are able to learn from one another and better serve survivors of slavery.

Learn more about our operational model.

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