Tech Fights Child Trafficking 


Tech Fights Child Trafficking 

Artificial intelligence continues to make headlines, and now it’s making headway in the fight against child trafficking. Recently, our Local Partner shared about a breakthrough innovation called Gracie, a chatbot helping to stop trafficking before it has the chance to start.

How does Gracie work? 

Most buyers purchase sex online, an increasing issue since the pandemic. 

Typically, buyers respond to online ads through a text message. Our Local Partner places a fake ad online in a particular market, and Gracie is a chatbot that answers all of the texts from these potential buyers. The buyer thinks they are messaging the pimp or the actual child in the ad, but they are in fact talking to this artificial intelligence named Gracie. 

After drawing these buyers into the conversation, Gracie records their attempt to purchase and logs all of their data. Gracie then alerts the buyer of their illegal activity, stating that their information as well as the discussion have been turned over to law enforcement. 

How was she developed? 

Gracie was programmed with over 7,000 different conversations from law enforcement with real-life experience combatting trafficking and exploitation. She knows all of the slang that buyers use for different services as well as typical responses and prices. Her intelligence continues to grow alongside her impact in the fight against trafficking. 

But here is what we’re really excited about. 

Gracie then offers services to help buyers change their behavior. And so far, 32% of buyers select that they want help, and the global network works through a process to help them. 

In the first quarter of this year, Rescue:Freedom has helped intercept over 12,000 attempts to buy sex. This technology is fighting child trafficking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Gracie is one of the innovative programs we are hoping to see exported around the globe. Diminishing demand and getting to a place where fewer and fewer people purchase sex is one of the most effective ways to end exploitation for good.


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