The Rescue Network

The Rescue Network is a group of businesses and churches that have said YES to the challenge of seeing slavery end in our lifetime. By donating $10,000 or more each year, they have invested their time, money, and hearts in making freedom for all a reality. Their partnership enables rescue and restoration for slavery survivors, and allows anti-slavery work to expand.


We’ve been partnering with Rescue:Freedom for several years and we love sharing the story with our clients. I’ve travelled with the Rescue:Freedom team and seen first-hand how their work is changing lives around the world.

Matt Davis

Branch Manager, Fairway Mortgage

Being a part of the The Rescue Network is the heart behind our entire business. Seeing captives freed from slavery inspires our team and customers to do something they love to fight something they hate. Donating a percentage of every sale to Rescue:Freedom allows us to use business to change lives!

Christie Johnson

CEO & Founder, Purpose Boutique

The work Rescue:Freedom is doing through The Rescue Network is powerful and redemptive. They have vision for the many, and hearts for the one. Seeing the people of Reach adopt the mission of RFI as their own has been incredible to witness, and as long as our doors are open, we will be seeking out new ways to help carry hope to those who need it most.

Brian McCormack

Lead Pastor, Reach Church

The entire team at Caffe Lusso Coffee Roasters is 100% behind Rescue:Freedom International. We are fully committed in partnering with you to bring an end to slavery until every captive is free.

Philip Meech

CEO & Owner, Caffe Lusso

The mission of newlife is to help heal the world. Rescue:Freedom is the perfect partner for newlifers to stop the fastest growing crime in our day and end slavery one life at a time.

Wes Davis

Lead Pastor, newlife Church

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