We’re Growing…


We’re Growing…

Your generosity makes a difference for vulnerable people around the world. And right now, we have exciting news to share with you. Rescue:Freedom has expanded its work into two brand new countries, Kenya and Belize! 

In Kenya

In Kenya, our Local Partner provides residential care for girls who have experienced sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other forms of abuse such as forced child labor. Aftercare, especially programs that emphasize access to education, is a proven intervention to help keep girls safe. 

Our Local Partner works to provide safe shelter, food, clothes, counseling, health services, community, and education. They have their own schools that have been accredited by the Department of Education that the girls can attend.

WATCH the video below to get a glimpse into the facility and meet the resilient team and survivors. Support survivors like this with a one-time gift or get the monthly subscription fighting injustice.

In Belize

We are establishing a first-of-its-kind aftercare home in Belize. Our Belize Local Partner has been working for over 20 years, providing victim services, prevention education, victim empowerment, and more, but something was missing in their efforts.

There was a need for an aftercare home outside of Belize City, so Rescue:Freedom has come alongside to make this dream a reality. Each girl will receive all their basic needs (food, shelter, health care, etc.), counseling, education, and job skills training at home.

The job skills program focuses on the hospitality and tourism industry, which is one of the country’s leading sectors of employment.

This is possible because of supporters like you. Your donations allow us to expand our efforts and help people who need freedom now. Thank you for saying yes to ending exploitation. Your generosity is the reason we believe we can end trafficking in our lifetime. Take action now by:

Your generosity makes a difference for vulnerable people worldwide, day in and day out. Thank you for taking action.


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