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everyone is free.

Sex trafficking affects millions
of women and children.
But together, we’re solving it.

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Millions of people are victims
of sexual slavery.

Every day, women and children endure sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
without an end in sight. But you can help.


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Together, we are setting people free.


children and adults received life-changing holistic care in 2020.


survivors, victims, and at-risk individuals were impacted through restoration, prevention, outreach, and intervention programs in 2020.


programs holistically and strategically fighting slavery.

“I didn’t know I could have this kind of impact. But doing something I love is making a difference.”


why us?

here's why:


We are a holistic solution, not a program.

Our holistic model is focused on rescuing and restoring victims, preventing slavery from ever happening, and creating advocacy opportunities that lead to lasting change.


We work with local experts.

We partner with local organizations who understand the vulnerabilities of their communities best and are committed to ending slavery in our lifetime.


We respect your resources and value your trust.

Money has the power to enslave people, but it can also set them free. We’ve seen your donations change lives, so we are committed to using every dollar to its fullest potential.


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Want to do a fundraiser?

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